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Indonesia Sustainable Energy Week 2023

United Towards A Decarbonised Energy System

Day 1

A Collaborative Approach for Indonesia’s Energy Transition

On the first day, ISEW convenes policymakers, industry leaders, and energy experts in the efforts to strategize a cohesive plan for a sustainable energy future. By integrating energy transition planning, progressive fiscal policies, and innovations enabled by private sector investments, the first day aims to foster a collaborative approach towards Indonesia’s greener energy landscape.

Day 2

Decarbonising The Energy Sector

Decarbonisation is viable along the power sector supply chain. From the transformation of coal mining regions, power generation, to industrial decarbonization, as well as the enabling condition for energy transition such as how the power market is designed will be discussed on the second day. By emphasizing the importance of a phased—but transformative—change in the power sector, the second day aims to explore feasible pathways for energy transition.

Day 3

Accelerating Energy Transition with innovative RE technologies

Day 3 highlights the importance of renewable energy deployment for an enhanced productivity. Showcasing renewable pilot projects in rural areas, private sector commitments to deploy renewable energy, innovations by green tech startups, as well as green economy financing potential, these series of discussion will demonstrate the animo of diverse stakeholders for an increased renewable energy uptake.

Day 4

Just Energy Transition is Not Just An Energy Transition

ISEW 2023 will be concluded by giving the spotlight to an array of stakeholders—from youth groups, gender activists, to renewable energy experts—who will provide insights to diverse voices of a ‘Just’ energy transition narratives, delving into their values and aspirations for Indonesia’s low carbon future. The sessions will showcase that Just Energy Transition shall enhance opportunities to increase social inclusion, gender equality, and capacity building for future green jobs in RE. By engaging with these stakeholders, ISEW 2023 aims to pave the way for an inclusive and thriving energy transition.